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Wolfpack Team Mission Statement

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Wolfpack Team Mission Statement

Post  Admin on Thu 20 May 2010, 7:38 pm

Wolfpack Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide and demonstrate in the Texas airsoft Community a professional and serious MilSim (Military Simulation) Airsoft environment and team. Which we will strive to be the most organized Airsoft Team in the Southern United States and in the Sport of Airsoft. We also will work to host 2 Major Airsoft Operations and Campaign events per year. And participate in other Major Operations State and Nationwide demonstrating Professionalism, Honor, Dedication, and Integrity to fellow airsofters, and individuals interested in the Airsoft Extreme sport.

We will work with and coordinate to work with other teams to put together larger events and bring airsoft to a whole new level in Texas and Surrounding states! Wolfpack will also help newer teams get off the ground. We will also help provide information and our wisdom from years of experience of hosting events and playing in the Sport to newer teams so they can host events without to many problems. By doing this for other teams, we hope to create a larger, stronger, more professional sport, which can grow larger and larger. And host bigger and better events.

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