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Wolfpack Squad Recruiting Criteria

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Wolfpack Squad-SEISOPS Recruiting Criteria

Post  Admin on Wed 20 Jan 2010, 1:52 pm

*Minimum age of 17 and up with Parents consent or over age of 18 without
(Special Consideration can be made by Command Staff)
*Willing to learn tactical team structure
*Able to follow rank structure in play
*Have a weapon for position desiring to play
*Be able to make practices and compete as needed
*Able to have proper team equipment

Positions available: Recon, Snipers, Rifleman, CQB Urban, and Heavy Weapons, Support, and Command......

If you want to be apart of a top competitive Airsoft team, with sound knowledge and tactics. Contact us soon and become apart of the team. Practice going on now. Or if you want more information please contact us. Feel free to post under this in a seperate post and introduce yourself if desiring to be a new member.


-Team Uniform= both ACU, Woodlands, and Digital MARPAT (Additional Uniforms may be added)
-matching head gear
-load bearing gear
-water (camel pack/canteen)
-Military Style Combat boots
-competitive assault rifle
-radio w/ head set
-Sealed Goggles


-age 15 and up (With Parents Consent and Participation) or over 17 (without)
-preference given to Military/ex-military, Law Enforcement, and Veteran Players
-promotes TASO/SAAC values
-Team work and willing to play in the rank system (Marine Ranking system used and no rambo players)

Activity (once a member)

-1 airsoft event a month (skirmish, OP, or team meeting)
-team forum activity (respond to every team post even if it is just "roger that")
-wear the same team uniform (modified) as the rest of the team for each event
-wear the team patch

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