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Ranking System

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Ranking System

Post  Greywolf on Wed 27 Jan 2010, 6:21 pm

Ranking System of the Squad:


Master Gunnery Sergeant:
Master Sergeant:
Gunnery Sergeant:
Staff Sergeant:
Lance Corporal:
Private First Class:

(We use Marine Ranks)

Each Role and Rank has a Defined responsibilty on the team. Ranks are ficticiouse but during team operations are fully enforced. A team member that has any issues or is misussing there rank and position can be reduced in rank and reassigned.

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Promotion Procedure

Post  Greywolf on Thu 28 Jan 2010, 11:32 am

Below is the team promotion Procedures Either time in Grade or Skirmishes whichever comes first. Field Promotions can be given at anytime By decision of Senior Command Staff:

Current Rank System as used in the USMC

Officers: Time in Grade: (***)
O-2 Captain/Commander 3yrs/50 Skirmishes
O-1 1st Lieutenant 18months./25 Skirmishes

Enlisted: Time in Grade: (***)

E-8 Master Gunnery Sergeant. (MGySgt) 2yrs./ 50 skirmishes
E-7 Master Sgt. (MSgt) 19 months/34 skirmishes
E-6 Gunnery Sergeant (GySgt) 16months/46 skirmishes
E-5 Staff Sergeant (SSgt) 13 months/36 skirmishes
E-4 Sergeant (Sgt) 10months/ 23 skirmishes
E-3 Corporal (Cpl) 7 months/ 13 skirmishes
E-2 Lance Corporal (LCpl) 3 months/ 8 skirmishes
E-1 Private First Class (PFC) 2 Months/6 skirmishes
E-1 Trainee 1 month/3 skirmishes

*Month time is a consideration point, not a guaranteed promotion date
** Field Promotions can be granted by command staff
***Time in Grade can be substituted for skirmishes
****Note: All ranks are provisional, But excepting a rank promotion is the responsibility of the individual. Upon acceptance member assumes all privileges of rank and position in the Squad or team. With the Knowledge to do there assign position and to lead by it. And will not use there rank or position against a fellow member. But set a example and lead by it. If found to be taking advantage a demotion can happen or lack in participation can do the same as a Non acception of Rank and position.

1.Attendance at team events and skirmishes
2.Promoting Team/Squad, and recruiting
4.Skill test in Field
5.Vacant Slots in Squad or Team
6.Volunteering at hosted events
7.Community activity

ALL Promotions are given by Senior Command Staff

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New SOP enforcement beginning today

Post  Admin on Sat 12 Jun 2010, 9:46 pm

Today the team will be following a Old Policy that we havent been fully in awhile.

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Re: Ranking System

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